My Dr. is insisting I take a medication that I do not want to take.

Posted by spondi65 @spondi64, Jan 6, 2020

I think I’m going to have to ask my Dr. for a referral. Things aren’t going well as far as my treatment I need another opinion, I need to know my options, things I can do to avoid surgery, other avenues of treatment. I did tell my Dr. last Friday I wasn’t ready for a referral & would like to give PT another try. So he put me on Gabapentin 300mn & said I would be hearing from PT to schedule an appointment. That has been done, but the Gabapentin is something I can’t tolerate. After taking it last Friday night I have been i so much pain that the only thing I’ve been able to do is stay in bed & get up when I need to use the bathroom.This is not the quality of life I want. I have had Spondylolisthesis & DDD for years but was able to live with it. Then last March I fell in my kitchen & woke up the next morning in excruciating pain. My story is long so I won’t go into it, but that brings me back to my current situation. I was told today to keep taking this medication, but I just can’t. It causes such awful pain. I was doing fine on Tramadol & was able to exercise at home. I didn’t need it all the time, which was good as my Dr. only writes the script every 6 to 8 weeks & only for 12 at a time. I need to have some say in my health care. As it stands now, I won’t take that medication again & I want a referral for another opinion. I’m not after more Tramadol, just treatment that will hopefully keep me from needing surgery.
I know this is long. Thank you for letting me get this all out!

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@spondi64 Welcome to Mayo connect. We are fellow patients, caregivers and family members here, who lend support and offer our experiences to help others along their own journeys. We are a diverse group from all over the world, all life experiences, all situations.

You have a right and owe it to yourself to participate in your own medical care. May I suggest the following, which has worked for me by the way. Write down the symptoms this medication caused in you, noting time of day, how long it happened after you took it, how long it lasted, how you felt. When you go back to your doctor, you have the documentation. When you ask for a referral, he may be reluctant, so check with your insurance to see if you can do it on your own.
You want to be sure of your treatment.

Please come back and let us know what happens, and if you get the referral. Are you near a large teaching hospital or meducal center that could be of service to you?


@spondi64 I have the same diagnoses. It is unfortunate that you do not have a better relationship with your primary physician. As mine said to me, "I can prescribe and direct you, but in the end you have to follow through and do it." I am highly against gabapentin in general based on my past experiences and research. I think you should ask your present physician for the referral he offered, to be given something for pain, and inform him that you are not going to continue with the gabapentin. Do you know the cause of your diagnoses? In my case arthritis had enclosed my spinal column and compressed it. I was not willing to take opioids and was unable to continue physical therapy because of the pain. I finally found relief through back surgery. Who knows how yours will turn out? But I encourage you to seek more information and continue to search until you find a solution you can live with.


@spondi64 I am surprised that you have more pain from gabapentin, I was not aware that it could cause that. I had it for a very short time after a TKR. I had no problem with it but we are all different and if you did have a problem then you definitely should not take it unless it was a case of it being life-saving. I have had a couple of different drugs myself that made me miserable so I would not take them.
I am not familiar with Spondylolisthesis but if it is something that surgery can help you may want to consider it. From what I just read in the links below that is a last option. I know, none of us like to have surgery, but my brother-in-law had back surgery last year for spinal stenosis and it gave him amazing relief. How far are you from a major, highly-regarded, medical center? It may be worth some traveling to get the best medical care. I live in southern NH and relied on the doctors up here to diagnose me but it took almost a year and a half to figure out what was wrong despite obvious symptoms. I know now that if anything like that happens again I will be headed down the highway to Boston, which is where I did end up after being diagnosed. The doctors there have seen more so they know more.

I suspect you have googled this yourself, but if not here are some links about Spondylolisthesis. I hope you manage to find some help and get relief that is right for you, even if it does mean having to travel to get it. It can be worth it if you are in much pain.

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