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My daughter's heart

Posted by @mickeymcolla, Oct 15, 2011

Hello everyone, I am new here.
I really need some help. My daughter whom is 11 now, started to faint at age 5 she would go cold and pale, faint and wake up as soon as she was lieing down. Then she would vomit. The “episodes” were happening about once a year. I was told maybe epilepsy, no wait maybe hypoglycemia by the ER and her Dr. Last school year 2010-2011 she came home telling me that her heart would “race” and hurt. I actually brushed off as tired over excerised. Well in Feburary 2011 she had and Episode while we were walking through walmart. I could see her heart pounding out of her chest, she was cold to the touch. and then vomited. After her prior Dr. again said I don’t know. I switched her Dr. The moment he heard the symptoms referred us to a cardiologist. We saw the Cardiologist who ran a few tests and said lets wait and see. In May I went on a field trip with her, where she had the worst ever she was fine one second and pale, and freezing hands and arms and face. Anyway September 6th she has another I rushed her to the ER to have an EKG done… her heart rate was between 148 and 165, Her cardiologist said they took to long to do the EKG, so wait… Now 2 days ago while at school she had another only 5 weeks later. 🙁 This was a bad one also. The school called 911, they kept saying she was in sinus tach, heart rate 158. We arrived at he ER her hands her stuck. One in a fist the other with her thumb to her palm. The Ekg said abnormal, but still her cardiologist said “WAIT” I am so scared as is she… Anyone know what it could be or where we can go next.

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Posted by @khushi, Nov 3, 2011

You should c a better cardiologist ssk the reasons of these episodes

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Posted by @hazemashry, Dec 2, 2011

If those apisods happen after big meals or high dosage of sugar or carbs then please have her checked for Reactive Hypoglycemia. Another possibility is a rare disorder in the swallowing nerve that is causes heart to stop briefly while swallowing food

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Posted by @creegirl, Dec 4, 2011

Has anyone suggested a Heart Rhythm condition? Google “SADS” it’s an acronym for an umbrella of various heart conditions that many are still learning about. Reading your story sounds a lot like others I have read who have a SADS condition. Best of luck to you and your family.

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