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My Daughter

Posted by @jkutsch, Mar 1, 2012

I actually am very excited to speak to the Mayo Clinic community for a long time.
I had set this account up for my daughter so we can get some ideas. Here is a little history of her. She was born as a TEF paitent (please excuse my spelling Trachiea, Esopagial, fiscula) that is when they are born with her esophagus not attatching to her stomach but to her Trachiea. Any ways my little girl has been through so much in her 17 years. Pemonia, signs of epilepsy, passing out, percotius puberty, and choking. (again please forgive on spelling) She has really weathered some hard storms. But today we have another problem. Hiccups. I know it sounds strange but these hiccups have been going off and on since January and as of two week they have been pretty steady even when she sleeps. Some things we have done. We took her to her Pediatrician, who than wanted her to see a Pediatric Surgeon.
We took her in last week and after a full day in the Emergency room they did a barium swallow to see if there was any narrowing in her esophagus. The reaction was ” No significant narrowing that should cause concern.. They than sent us to an Upper GI doctor for further opinions. He was very optimistic on what he saw and said he would like to send a scope down to see if their was any irritation where her narrowing is. I am fine with all that. But their is no ergency to this test. I was told that I would get a phone call to set up an appointment but that did not happen. Keep in mind I am not angry All Childrens Doctors are Angel’s. I do believe that. but they are very busy with all kinds of problems. Back to my question what can I do. The hiccups are starting to hurt her throat and head, and it litterly drains her from a day of this. We have tried all the home remedies that you read about but some will quiet her down but they just return. I would appreciate any suggestions. Thanks JK



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Posted by @bigred, Mar 9, 2012

Hi, take this to god sweetie! When u get on your knees you and your daughter! Touch and agree that god will heal her and believe it in jesus name andit will happen

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