Hypertension intracranial pressure

Posted by Jeanie Davis @jeaniesandersdavis, Oct 16, 2014

My daughter is 46 years old and newly diagnosed with Hypertension intracranial pressure . Are there any new advances in treatment and what can she do and us to help?

have you found any answers I am 73 an have a 5th cranial nerve that is making me unable to eat correctly and am on a feeding peg and eat just 2 meals a day barely. the pressure is bad but they say it a nerve and I take carbampazine a seizure drugs. it seems like a tremendous pressure and comes up more like 8am and 8pm is a lot of mucus and saliva. they say stress makes it worse and eating seems to be my problem and drinking liquids is impossible. what is hyptertension intracranial pressure pls explain what you have. I keep asking if its my brain bur all mris and other tests show me fine and even my swallowing tests are fine. I can swallow but suffer a lot after I do. help. hoping you have found an answer.

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