My daughter is 20 and since birth has had a ton of [...]

Posted by copiela @copiela, Jul 28, 2015

My daughter is 20 and since birth has had a ton of medical issues. When she was 7 she was diagnosed as hypothyroid and was treated with synthyroid. After years of more symptoms cropping up(heart murmur, exercise intolerance just to name a few) she went to another specialist who had brains enough to run an antibody test and behold we have Hashimoto’s thyroiditis. Finally an answer or so we thought…. She has had a complete thyroidectomy do to pre cancerous lesions and severe swelling of the gland that was unresponsive when trying to shrink it. We are now 6 years post thyroidectomy and worse off than before. She has since been diagnosed with Fibro, PCOS, EBV and now metabolic syndrome. Anyone else out there have any advice, we are fed up with doctors in Texas and heading to the Mayo clinic in September. Will it be worth the trip and expense? Will we get answers?

Mayo Clinic is the answer. It was for me. The best experience I have ever had with medical people. They fixed my problem once and for all, after many years of trying to find answers and then a cure. It is not expensive.

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