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MY dad's battle to live

Posted by @wanthim2live, Nov 6, 2011

Is it really time to give up on trying to get medical help,or find a new procedure for my father . he is healthy in ever organ except his heart. the doctors tell me his heart is just worn out . He has a pacemaker and defibulator,which they have turn the defib. off. because of a V-storm. was scheduleut now they jud for a heart pump, but gave up. Why ? He has the will. now he came home today to just die because st. lukes hospital gave up. He has been thru alot but he wants to live. So is it really time to give up ???????????????


Deanna Constans

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Posted by @deannaconstans, Nov 8, 2011

Hello, I saw your post today and thought I would share with you that you can learn more about advanced heart failure at this link:

If you decide you would like your father to have a second opinion at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN you can call and schedule an appointment in our Advanced Heart Failure Clinic by calling 507-538-6388. Best wishes, Deanna


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Posted by @ross, Nov 18, 2011

There was a piece on the news within the past two or three days about harvesting cells from the heart, growing stem cells, and introducing those cells back into the heart. They had the first patient on and he is far better than before his bypass surgery, and more importantly he’s not dead. And the doctor’s concluded that he would have been dead by now with out the stem cell surgery.

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