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My best friend had to have a stent put in a artery

Posted by @yusofa, Oct 8, 2012

My best friend had to have a stent put in a artery in her heart–she had lots of pain in the bed due to bone loss in back, hip and neck. The young foreign interns thought she was mental because they never had a patient like her. Not so, she is a great artist despite going blind & teaches young disabled to work in the arts for free. The great surgeon, from this huge, world renowned hospital/corporation … In front of reliable witnesses, said that if he knew she was 60 he would not have wasted his time operating on her. Yet, this hospital has operated on politicians, TV personalities, etc., but she did not into any of the categories this expert cardiologist would have helped. But this is common among those “baby boomers” that have used up all their savings to help keep their homes, or help their college-educationed kids that have lost their careers like nurses, teachers, accountants and even now, lawyers. This huge corp. has med schools in oil rich countries & the grads come here not knowing we, the people, do not want a caste system here & do not believe some of us should be experiments rather than patients. Fight to live, seek loyal friends, laugh, work together to break bread together to change our diets to keep the cancers and other diseases from chemical-laden, sugar laced, genetically engineered foods. See the documentary on increase on food allergies, bottle water and the laws that allow the states to claim any assets you have that would keep a roof over your head. Too many people are being pushed into nursing homes from medical errors. Do not become a victim, let us unite to fight the chemicals in our sofas, mattresses, rugs, etc. There are less than a dozen assisted living places in the USA and none take Medicaid/Medicaid, Medical, etc. Canada has been doing more in helping their own cancer and allergy affected citizens get the best care they have without the patient having to sell everything they own. Go on the web, see if you can find one hospital that keeps cancer causing chemicals and food from patients. If you do, please post. I have over a thousand patients looking for a Eco-friendly place to be treated.


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