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My best fiend

Posted by @stonefisher42, Aug 16, 2011

I just want to thank Mayo clinic for giving me 25 wonderful years with my sister. The time was August of 1966, and I had been born just two weeks prior to my mom and dad having to leave me with an aunt and uncle to fly with my sister to Mayo clinic for her to have open heart surgery. Her name: Felta Haney, and as it would turn out she would eventually become my best friend. She was born with one quarter size hole in her heart and some rare diasese in which I can niether pronounce nor spell, however Mayo knew what to do. The doctors, who I’m sure have by know passed on themselves removed her heart from her body repaired it, brought her back, and keept her in a “cold room” (58degrees) in nothing but her panties for two weeks. Believe it or not she survived. Now for this to happen to an infant and two parents which already lost one child and was not supposed to any more after Felta’s birth, hence me, you can see how this, to our family was, and still is a bit of a miracle as she should have never lived passed birth.
To make what could become an exceedingly long story short, Mayo gave someone who should never have lived tweent-five years and me a best friend,
Bryant Haney

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