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Ms. Phyllis

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My 46-yr. old son (Minister)

Posted by @msphyllis, Jul 17, 2011

This problem seems to be happening more often. Weakness and light-headedness…sometimes in the pulpit at which time he must cut the service short, close in prayer or sit on a stool and try to continue. It can happen anytime. He has been hospitalized for 3-4 days recently and they have run every test they know to do. Heart rate is ususally in high 50’s which they say is normal for athletes..He is not an athlete but has always over-worked and known to do the work of 2 to 3 men. His weight is in 160’s…he is 6’3″, very thin. While hospitalized, his heart was monitored and he was awakened a few times because his heart rate went down in the high 30’s. Once while in his office, the weakness came over him and he could hardly lift his arms. That’s when they put him in the hospital. All tests are turning out to be good. This week they will do more blood tests, (another of many times)…something called ANA. I don’t understand everything enough to share completely but there’s something been said about cortisol. It seems no one can diagnois anything because he appears to be very healthy, according to all tests performed. Can anyone help?


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