Questions about weaning my 27-year old son off the vent post seizure

Posted by PamV2015 @PamV2015, Oct 19, 2015

My 27-year old son, who was in good health, had a seizure, fell and hit his head, had a brain bleed and suffered a herniated brain stem. It has been 4 months since this accident and his emergency surgery. He currently mouths words (but has not been able to generate sound with his vocal cords) and has good control of movement of his head, legs and feet. He arms and hands movement is pretty limited at this time. He currently does not blink, cough, swallow or breathe on his own. He was weaning fairly well of the vent when he started to have problems with his blood pressure going especially low, then sometimes really high. This resolved and we transferred him to a rehab hospital where he started PT, OT an ST as well as vent weaning again. Then one day he started to have breathing issues – his oxygen saturation level dropped to 20 when the RT took him off the vent. He coded several times. His bp issues returned. His bp is getting better after about 6 weeks, but the RT’s and pulmonologist are having trouble getting him to wean off the vent. His oxygen levels don’t always remain high enough, especially when he is asleep. Does anyone know of anyway to stimulate his brain to keep his oxygen levels in an acceptable range? Does anyone know of a good vent dependent unit that will work with younger adults in trying to wean them off the vent – especially one located in the Midwest?

Anyone care to recommend a facility with a vent-dependent unit in Iowa? Nebraska? that would try to wean a 28-year old man with a traumatic brain injury?


Hi @PamV2015
Yesterday Dr. Shih, Dr. Sirven, Dr. Cascino and Dr. Britton hosted a webinar on Adult Epilepsy: Common Clinical Issues and New Therapies. You can listen to it here:

Click the link above and you will also see a discussion thread in the right hand column.Post a Comment or question to the discussion if you like. The doctors will work on answering questions they didn’t get to during the webinar, including any new questions posted this week.

Have you had any luck getting answers to your questions about weaning your son off the vent? Do you have support from other family members?

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