Muscle Spasms and heat sensitivity after Moderna full third dose

Posted by vossxx @vossxx, Dec 16, 2021

I originally got the Pfizer vaccine back in March/April 2021 and had mild side effects (fatigue/sore arm) but my PCP recommended I get a full dose of Moderna since I am immunocompromised and had since caught Covid-19. I got it on 11/10/21 and had a very severe reaction (fever/extreme joint pain/strong nausea) but recovered in about 3-4 days after receiving the third dose. Since then, I have noticed I am much more sensitive to heat and have increased muscle spasms. I have decreased the muscle spasms some by adding a potassium/magnesium supplement but was curious if anyone else had any residual side effects after their full third dose?

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Hi @vossxx, welcome. Late side effects can be such a riddle to figure out. I noticed that you mentioned in another discussion that you had an infection from COVID in July 2021 and that you suffer from long-COVID 🙁

I just got my third dose today and hope I experience nothing more than a sore arm like the first 2 doses. Fingers crossed. May I ask what leads you to connect the sensitivity to heat and muscle spasms to the vaccine and not COVID? Have you talked to your team at Mayo about it?

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