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Muscle Cramps and stabbing Pain on the side of my knees

Posted by @lnda, Oct 14, 2012

i’m experiencing severe pain in my knees and noe lower back. My thighs now cramp on a daily basis. I’ve been to every kind of doctor from orthopedic to rheumatologists. No one can explain why I’m in so much pain and getting worse.



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Posted by @sandybeach, Oct 23, 2012

are you dehydrated?


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Posted by @lnda, Oct 23, 2012

I probably don’t drink as much liquids as I should. someone else just told me that could be the cause along with needing potasium and electrolytes.


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Posted by @dcp, Dec 2, 2012

Have you been checked for fibromyalgia ? My daughter has been experiencing these symptoms as well.

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