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Munchausen syndrome

Posted by Anonymous-8d03dbe8 in Mental Health, Sep 26, 2011

My Daughters friend Im sure has this disorder but there is alot of deniel. On my Daughters part. This friend has been pulling her sympathy for over 2 years now and when I say something my daughter gets angry with me. Im 62yrs young and my daughter is 30. Her female friend is 23 yrs old. I think my daughter is starting to catch on. Its easy for her friend to have all these on the brink of death issues because they live 5 states away.Im so upset. I just pray alot. The 2 of them use to be roomates and as soon as my daughter was about to move because of a new job her friend had cancer . Said she had chemo but no one went with her and she drove herself back each time . when I stayed with them for a week I saw how she faked vomiting. Anyone else had an experience like this?

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Posted by @mrsturkle, Sep 26, 2011

I must add In the past year this girl, now living at home with her wealthy busy parents,has had A bump on her head which she needed brain surgery to relieve pressure. This happen 3 times, A colapsed lung is the latest. Last wensday she was suppose to be on a breathing tube and couldnt talk. Everytime I tried to find out which hospital she was in to send flowers or a card. I couldnt get a room number or hospital she was in. I called every hospital in the area and there was no such patient. She texts my daughter from her cell phone to cry how she is going to die. My daughter calls me crying that her friend is dying again. My prayers must work miracles because she always seems to be well enough that she goes home. This last episode my daughter was going to fly in to see her but she got well enough and didnt want to inconvience my daughter to come to see her . Am I crazy or does this sound fishy to anyone? Please excuse my spelling etc. Im not good on computer. Thanks


Posted by @suhcuddo, Sep 26, 2011

I know how you feel, My brother has it but I can't get him help. He will deliberately make himself sick so he could spend time in the hos, He has even told me that was his comfort zone. Your not crazy, I've had a calapsed lung and never been put on a breathing tube. They use a chest tube for that. I'm afraid all I've discovered you can do is go along w/ what they say and try to coax them into getting mental help. Though I haven't found any for my brother, I had to cut him off because I couldn't watch him anymore. (he's older than I). Hopefully your daughter will tire of the sympathy cry's and move on. That's what I had to do. It hurts, but what can you do? If you do find an answer let me know, I'd love to get back w/ my brother. This actually feel good getting out like this.


Posted by @mrsturkle, Sep 28, 2011

Hi Suhcuddo, Nice to see someone that knows my instincts arent crazy. It must hurt very bad for you to have a family member to have this problem. What I would do if it were my brother ( my younger Brother has a drinking problem). ld say to him you would Love to hear from him when he is feeling " OK'. If he is in one of his Im sick things dont feed into it.Just say " Sorry to hear you are feeling bad , hope you feel better soon, when you feel up to it and feel better Id Love to hear from you." Period ....... Tell him you Love him. If he does get incontact with you dont allow him to talk about bad health only good health and that he is feeling better. If he starts with the aches n pain just say ok hope you feel better and then say you need to go. When he figures he gets more attention when he is doing well he may do better. I know its very heartbreaking but I need to do that with my brother when he starts his drinking again. Good Luck and Love to hear from you again.


Posted by @suhcuddo, Oct 4, 2011

Yea, Matt has the drinkin' goin' on as well. After eighteen years of sobriety,
he started again, I think my telling him that I couldn't take care of him
(mentally) anymore after my live in boyfriend had a stroke. That was when I actually cut him off. I find it very sad that after so long he would start again.
But I hear from his girl friend that he's now bouncing from rehab to rehab. (the hos, started calling his bluff)
He knows where I am and that I'm here when he wants to get it together. I've told him that I'll help all I can when he does want it , but he has to want it. I guess that's all we can do as siblings huh? Hopefully your brother won't start again. It is nice to hear from someone who's on the same road, hope to hear from you again.


Posted by @bettyann, Apr 23, 2012

I hope things are going better for you and your daughter. A former daughter in law of mine had this, too, and it was eventually what drove my son away.
You can only do so much, tolerate so much --here I am talking about YOU...YOU need to take good care of yourself. Please know that I do NOT mean to sound insensitive ... but your daughter is a grown woman and there really is NOTHING you can do to 'protect' her against something she refuses to see.
In many ways they are ENABLING each other. I truly DO KNOW what it feels like to want to save your child from hurt and being taken advantage of ... and believe me, one of the hardest things to do is simply allow them to live their own lives and let experience teach them.
One thing I would do: Tell your daughter (only one time) exactly what you feel, how you feel, and simply TELL HER FACE TO FACE as honestly as you possibly can... Also add that you know it is her life and that you will never bring this up again. (and be sure you don't) Then just be happy around her and love her (which I know you do!) But your stifling and stuffing it away inside of it will never ever help... Letting Go many times the answer to so many things. Sending loving wishes to you.

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