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Multiple System Atrophy/Parkinson's

Posted by @caregiver in Parkinson's Disease, Nov 26, 2012

I am the caregiver to my 63 year old husband who has been diagnosed with Multiple System Atrophy/Parkinson's. I would love to be able to connect with caregivers or patients who have this.


Posted by @normc, Nov 28, 2012

There is a great group on yahoogroups
The group is specific to MSA patients and caregivers.


Posted by @caregiver, Nov 28, 2012

Thanks. He also has parkinson's.


Posted by @normc, Nov 29, 2012

Group discussions of MSA and Parkinson's may be helpful to you, I suggest you access the group site and read the messages. One form of MSA is closely related to Parkinson's - called MSA - P


Posted by @meaf0, Nov 29, 2012

There is an excellent group for caregivers on Facebook - - a lady named Pam Bower oversees the site - private message me and i would be happy to introduce you. I am a patient of 2 years. Tommy Fitzgerald

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