Multiple sputum Nocardia & MAC positive

Posted by aginn10 @aginn10, Nov 20 4:59pm

This is officially a 14th month long story but it made little progress until the last few months. I’ve submitted 10 different sputum samples over 3 months. 3 grew Nocardia, 2 grew MAC and 1 grew Leaviaum (??). I am not HIV+. Non smoker, non drinker, very good health (usually) and am very curious if anyone has ever experienced this, or anything like it? It started by coughing up stuff like this.

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@aginn10 Welcome to Mayo Connect – if your experience began with a cough, did you have any x-rays or lung scans before the sputum cultures?
Usually the infections you mention accompany a lung condition like Bronchiectasis or COPD. Do you have a diagnosis like that?


Yes I did. They were all clear. Even the hi res scan. My pulmonologist thinks I may have early bronchiectasis but the person who reads the scans didn’t. So there’s than which is unclear. I go to my ID doc today. Possibly unrelated, my father died at 68 from Pulmonary Fibrosis. Additionally – I work at Scotts Miracle Gro. Surrounded by soils and manures and compost.


The correct spelling is Lentiflavin.


I didn’t see the photo so I reposted.

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