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"Multiple Sclerosis Anyone?

Posted by @sebley12, Aug 11, 2011

I have Multiple Sclerosis & other Autoimmune related diseases. I have recently entered the Patient and Caregiver Social Media essay contest here on this site where you can read my whole story of how I was diagnosed 35 yrs later in 2001 of June. My purpose for the essay is I am a walking testimonial to a severe neurological disease that once paralyzed me as well as blinded me. I hope to educate the social media and health care providers that they we all need to work as a team when it comes to symptoms. I can assure you that its not all in your head. I hope you learn from my story so that all of us will NOT be sent for unnecessary tests and procedures and even surgerys that are not at all the answers to the problem.



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Posted by @uptopart, Apr 19, 2012

Thats the damn problem, I don’t know what the hell wrong with me! All I do know, it could had, shouldn’t never had been in the first place! Now I can’t speak, or the speech is diminish/demolish, no room, can’t afford to get; emotionally stressed out, sharp pains, headaches, elevation withmy B/P, etc.


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Posted by @biguy0813, Jan 8, 2012

have you ever been tested for Devic’s Disease (Neuromyelitis Optica), my sister has been diagnose with ms, and lupus, however has had no relief, and am just reading up on this devic’s disease and am having her tested for it, shes lost her eye site, chronic pain, and back issues , paralysis aswell , good luck

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Posted by @sebley12, Jan 19, 2012

Yes, this happened to me when I gave birth to my second son. I was blind & paralyzed and they said I had post pardom Phychosis. Really? I don’t think so. So they sent me to a shrink because they said I needed one? It was the shrink that said I had all the symptoms of MS. And I did. Good luck with everything biguy! xo


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Posted by @gatha, Aug 31, 2012

So there is hope after all? After fighting Lyme disease activly for 12years I heard, all clear, UBO’s in the brain indicative of M.S. L.P.clear no Lyme No MS Whew! Turns out you have RA, okay, then last Nov, I wake up in a hospital where some guy says I’ve had a stroke, just a tiny one. Thanks! But the heart is good, no blockages, turns out my brain caused it. while I was asleep! Another MRI shows white matter changes that are scary to look at, Referal to neurosurgeon, okay! He says, that disc should be repaired, but with an autoimmune history, that would be a death sentance for you. Goody! Now nine months later, and just last week all the votes are in. It’s MS after all. I’m told its rare for someone my age. I don’t feel special, or unique, or any of the other terms I have heard in an attempt to soften the blow. Franly I have a lot to learn and my coping skills have been tested daily since 1994, I am hoping that there are other people like you, who are compassionate enough to share with me, anything that may help me muddle through. Thank you for the ray of sunshine/

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