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Multiple sclerosis

Posted by @sandradesonier, Oct 23, 2012

my son has MS and it is the aggresive type, per his Dr. I have seen people with MS and they appear normal. My son is not able to work, hsi communications skills are practically diminished…… does anyone else have these same symptoms with MS?


Patty Jean

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Posted by @pattyjean, Oct 25, 2012

Hi, I don’t have MS myself, but my mother past away with the disease in the mid 70’s. MS is an auto immune disease. I developed Rheumatoid Arthritis at age 17,which is also an auto immune disease. I have done a lot of research on auto immune diseases and found that there is a commonality with all. Almost always these people have low vitamin D levels. Some researchers suggest that the low levels can cause the onset of these diseases. Please have him tested immediately and put him on vitamin D3, at least 5000 units. There should be a vast improvement in his condition. This is not a cure, but can help. A healthy diet is also important. Please do some research on line, there is much information to be had. Many times you will find alternative therapies that will help. Good luck to you and your your son. Patty Jean

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