Multiple Myeloma (Light Chain with abnormal plasma cells)

Posted by packgb19 @packgb19, Oct 28, 2019

I have been diagnosed with a rare case of Multiple Myeloma (Light Chain with
abnormal plasma cells) and Plasma Cell Neoplasm (both are directly related
to Bone Marrow Cancer/Tumors): in which I have now….I was told this by Dr.
Bhanu Vakkalanka; my Oncology at Unity Point Hospital in Moline, IL.

I have a brain tumor/cancer, left spatula tumor/cancer (abnormal plasma
cells) and upper right rib bone marrow cancer/tumors all tested positive for
cancer and tumors. I have a lot more tests to go though in the next two weeks,
to find out how soon I need a Bone Marrow Transplant at/in Iowa City, Iowa.

Need advise on how to deal with all this please.


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