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multiple myeloma

Posted by @jeanroberts in Cancer, Aug 15, 2012

i was told in about ayear ago that I have multiple myeloma and it was just smoldering at that point. I January I wastold it was now active. What have others experienced with this?

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Posted by @stephanieprieto, Sep 9, 2012

How are you now? And what kind of treatment have you had? My mom was just diagnosed yesterday and trying to figure out a plan. I hope you are doing well. Please any info I can get will be helpful and very appreciated.


Posted by @jeanroberts, Sep 16, 2012

Doing OK right now. Started taking Velcade which were chemo shots every week in my stomach.After doing this for a few months had side effects thats messed with my lungs that sent me to emergency with signs of pneumonia. After my recovery from that short hospital stay my doctor put me on Revlmid and Dexamethazone. Haven't really experienced much in the way of side effects except for feeling wired for a few days after taking the dexametazone which I take 10 pills of once a week. I am now on a break from taking the meds as my blood levels of immunoglobulins are stable. Hopefully this will last for a few months.


Posted by @stephanieprieto, Sep 19, 2012

Thanks for replying. I'm glad you found alternate treatment plan for now. My mom has had her 2 nd velcade treatment now. And for now she's doing well on this. It's to our understanding that as treatments go on side effects will grow stronger. I'm sure you remember when you were first diagnosed. It's shocking! My mom looks like a healthy person. You would never know she has cancer. It's really hard for her to believe it because she feels healthy. Just a little tired. We are having extreme denial problems. I hope you continue to stay well. What state do you seek treatment in? Did you get 2 nd treatment plan options from mayo or other facilities? Do you know why they gave you a shot instead of through an I V drip? Our dr said he doesn't do the shots. Hope to her from you.

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