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Multiple joints cracking and pain (hip, back, neck, knee, ankle) within past year. Neck has a c5/c6 disc protrusion. Burning pain between shoulder blades. Muscles feel stiff and ropey (like they pull on the joints improperly). No diagnosis yet. Been

Posted by @pam1234 in Brain & Nervous System, Aug 11, 2011

Neck has c5/c6 disc protrusion, compressing thecal sac. Burning pain between shoulder blades that never lets up. Surgeon doesn't think neck is damaged enough to cause this pain?? Other joints are cracking and painful within 1 year (back, snapping hip, shifting patella in knee, cracking ankles, cracking wrists). Muscles seem stiff and aggravating joints out of location? Been to RA, Nuerol., Ortho, etc. Are there diseases being missed that cause multiple joints to fail? I can't have 8 surgeries. Have been thru loads of PT. Thanks much for help!

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Posted by @robertljl2, Apr 8, 2012

I have the same condition going on with me but I was I'm the Army for 4 years I think I messed my body up there. I do seek relief but there is none I need help also.


Posted by @pam1234, Nov 15, 2012

hi Robert, have you found an answer

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