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mucus and blood in stool

Posted by @mperez, Sep 19, 2012

I have a question, I have had blood and mucus (pus looking stuff) in my stool. I moved to the middle east several of years ago to teach english. While I was there, I caught a parasite and it caused me constipation, faul gas, and a bit of blood in my stool. When I came back, I had a colonoscopy done and it was confirmed that I had a bit of colitis from the parasite, since it had eaten away on my intestine. After that didn’t really have too many issues, except a bit of infection once a while. I’d take antibiotics for it and it would disappear.
Now, recently, I had a baby. During my pregnancy, I had the same syptoms of an infection coming – faul gas, mucus etc. I wasn’t able to take anything for it. I went to see a specialist and he told me to wait until after I have my baby; each month it progressed. After having my baby, it got worse and worse. I was passing more mucus and blood.
I had another colonoscopy done two weeks ago, and the doctor diagonosed me with proctitis. After researching the causes, I assumed that only bacteria is the only thing that could have caused it (I do not participate in anal sex nor have STDs). It all started with some old stale crackers I had in my desk and ate while pregnant.
My doc told me to use a steroid enema. I only used it once. It made my intestines burn and worsened the mucus and blood.
I then went to a family doc to get antibiotics, and those make me super lightheaded and are making no significant difference.
I am wondering if the colitis caused the proctitis? Does anyone else have mucus and blood in the stool? What was your diagnosis, if so? And what was your treatment plan? I am considering driving to the Mayo Clinic for a second opinion? Does anyone have experience in this area with the Mayo Clinic?


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