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MS/lesions/spinal tap

Posted by @jbgiles, May 3, 2012

Just got back from Mayo in Jacksonville. I had clear mri’s on brain and spine but they did a spinal tap and SEP Test. Was wondering if you could still have MS with no lesions? What else can be diagnosed thru spinal taps? My symptoms that led me to Mayo….
Numbness in legs
Tightness in the back of both legs
Tingles in feet
Positive Rombergs
Spasms in legs
Eye pain
Positive ANA test



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Posted by @smile2527, May 12, 2012

Hi, according to my Dr. at the Mayo, you can have no lesions but still have MS or, have several lesions and not have MS. Did you get your spinal tap results? This makes me curious as well. I have similar symptoms as well as several lesions and irregular blood vessels in my head. I was told that the spasms, tingles and other odd symptoms were likely nerve damage from brain damage caused from the severe headaches. The Dr. gave me preventative meds for the migraines and they are working well. However, i went back because the eye and facial pains are worse. He told me to journal the pains. I understand that this is a process and I don’t want to rush a diagnosis if the Dr. isn’t sure, but I’m not convinced that there isn’t something underlying causing all of this. Do you get shooting pains and weakness as well? Have you gotten a diagnosis yet?

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