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Posted by @nicole2027, Sep 18, 2013

I have been feeling terrible for months, I was diagnosed in 2007 and tried a lot of the treatments currently on Avonex. My vision just feels like I’m in a tunnel and I can’t ever balance well, I’m only 33 years old, and I feel like is this really how a lot of people with MS feel? It is horrible! I have 2 kids to run all over ( sports) and I put on a happy face for them but can’t stand feeling this way. Is there any treatment for severe neck pain? I tried tens unit , did not work for me but will take any suggestions



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Posted by @lemaster, Sep 19, 2013

Hi, Nicole. We have a friend who has had MS for over 30 years. We introduced her to a supplement called Reliv. She had not been able to turn the pages of her Bible for years or stand to dress without shaking. She achieved results very quickly. This is not a medicine. It’s just very very good concentrated nutrition.
It’s not sold in stores. It’s sold in a scheme similar to Shaklee. It’s not cheap, and for MS people who have had results have to take quite a bit, but I have seen what it can do for someone I know. If you are interested what we would do is set you up with phone calls to people who have MS and what kind of results they have achieved. Then you could decide if you wanted to give it a go.

You can friend me if you like and then I could set up a call for you. And then you could decide if you wanted to try it. Like I said, it’s not medicine. It’s just high quality nutrition.

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