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Posted by @missdee, Aug 10, 2011

i have been diagnosed with mrsa i have been fighting it since march
no one has done any cultures or blood work
or opened any of the abcesses that are in my ear is any one familar with or had mrsa



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Posted by @styers, Aug 23, 2011

I would try to find a naturalpathic doctor – someone with a actual degree. Have them do muscle testing. It is a type of testing to find what the cause is. My natualpathic doctor has done wonders for me. He even cured my mothers cancer.


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Posted by @becmeade, Aug 29, 2011

how were you diagnosed if no culture or blood work was done on you? they have to run tests to see if you have it. i had a culture done on my sore and it came back positive for mrsa.


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Posted by @freedom, Sep 3, 2011

I’m not doubting you, but I’m doubting your doctor’s diagnosis.
First, I would definitely find another doctor. Blood work and cultures is how they find out if you have MRSA. Staph and MRSA progress pretty rapidly. Not knowing it, my Son had MRSA. Within 5 days of not knowing what was wrong, he took himself to the emergency room and collapsed walking in the door with a 105 temperature. He was quarantined and in the hospital for a week. This is why I am doubting your doctor’s diagnosis. Find yourself another doctor to have blood tests done and get yourself to an ear doctor. Even if it is not MRSA, being in the ear seems quite dangerous, also.

Good luck.

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