MRI results indicate something suspicious: What next?

Posted by casa @casa, Jan 13, 2022

Help! MRI showed
1. Suspicious 1.8 cm nonmass enhancement
Can someone enlighten me on what this means?

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I don’t usually like to just post links but I think having more information empowers us to be a part of our own medical care. This is a discussion about non mass enhancements. There are actually many things that show this way on MRI. Both benign and cancerous and some insignificant things like scars. I would think this would require further investigation. Here is a link to that discussion.
Do you have a follow up appointment with the doctor who ordered this? Was this ordered because of a finding on a mammogram or other image?


A biopsy is being ordered. However, I have a papilloma that will be surgically removed. This was discovered by ultrasound then biopsy. I am going to ask that this new place not be biopsied and just removed during the other removal. Then biopsy the removed tissue.


It might be beneficial to have new spot biopsy prior to removal. The surgical plan might be different based on biopsy results. If shows abnormal cells, then surgeon will be concern about margins and may need to remove more.

I understand desire to just get it out, but if it was me, I would want to have all results and information prior to surgery. Why put yourself through multiple surgeries if can combine.

Discus options with your surgeon.



I was thinking that it would save me from having an extra surgery. But what you say makes sense. Thank you!

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