Experiencing severe aura migraines: What do my MRI results mean?

Posted by evaguil @evaguil, Dec 7, 2021

I’m a 37 year old female that has been experiencing severe aura migraines for 10-15 years that have recently gotten worse. I had an MRI with and without contrast. This is what the report says. Can anyone give me any insight on what all this means?Bilateral posterior frontal subcortical T2 FLAIR hyperintensities, on
the right 0.4 cm and on the left 0.5 cm, are associated with increased
signal on DWI (series 5 image 23), iso to hypointensity on ADC map,
and no magnetic susceptibility.
A right inferior occipital 0.3 cm lesion (series 5 image 11) show
similar signal intensities.
Right posterior cerebellar 0.9 x 0.3 cm lesion (series 5 image 7)
shows similar signal intensities in addition to enhancement.
No additional acute vascular insults.
No mass or hemorrhage.
Incidental left anterior frontal developmental venous anomaly.
No additional enhancing abnormalities
Vessels: Normal flow voids in major arteries and veins.
Sellar/Suprasellar region: No abnormalities.
Craniocervical junction: No abnormalities.
1. Subcentimeter bilateral (R>L) supratentorial and right cerebellar acute-subacute nonhemorrhagic lacunar infarcts

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Evaguil, Hello and welcome to Connect. You asked a great question. As a patient forum, Connect is not staffed by doctors. I do hope other members will join your discussion if they have relevant experience to share, but only a physician can interpret what your imaging means for your personally and what plan of care would be advised. I did look up the impression on your report. Here is a link that explains a lacunar infarct. Nonhemorrhagic means that it wasn't caused by bleeding. This link explains a lacunar stroke as being caused by blockage of a small vessel in the brain and having links to high blood pressure.
Here is Mayo Clinic information about high blood pressure and strokes.
Have you been referred to a specialist who can address the findings in your report? Are you under the care of a doctor who can advise you on how to lower risk factors for stroke?


Hi Jennifer, thank you for replying! I’ve looked up as much info as I can on the report because I was told that it would take my Neurologist 2-3 wks to get to me. I actually have normal to low blood pressure. 120/75 is usually the highest it gets. I’ve looked up what a lacunar infarction was and everything I read (from reputable sources) talked about strokes but from what I’m experiencing, I don’t understand how that can be. My main symptoms are aura migraines, constant headache, dizziness/lightheadedness, some forgetfulness (just mainly a loss for a specific word until I think for a bit), like my thoughts are cloudy at times and neck pain. I haven’t experienced any stroke symptoms that I know of an ls like I said my bp is lower. I do get some splinter like blood lines (not many) under my nails.

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