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Morton's neuroma

Posted by @chinook, Apr 4, 2012

I have developed a morton’s neuroma in my right foot. I have custom orthotics made and am wearing but concerned about their success. I am in interested in cyrosurgery and anyone who has had it and its success.



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Posted by @trishie, May 18, 2012

I have had neuroma surgery and the only thing I want you to understand should your doctor not tell you, is that EVEN THOUGH YOU HAVE SURGERY, THE NEUROMA WILL COME BACK, unless your doctor cuts back far enough that you aren’t applying more pressure. Unless he cuts back toward the arch, expect to get them back. I have had two surgeries, and they are back. Only after the second surgery did I find out that the surgery is useless unless the nerve is cut back far enough. So I could care less is there is no feeling in that particular area. The pain is so much, it is impossible to live with, and especially with those nodules on the bottom of the foot. Walking in a way as not to have pain on that one foot will add pain to other parts of the body. They will not disappear on their own, so have the surgery, get it done correctly, and be pain free and move on with your life. I will if mine continue to get worse. Right now I am dealing with pelvic pain dysfunction and cannot handle anything else. Good luck.

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