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Moles, sun damage, basal cell... PLEASE HELP

Posted by @sanfrancisco28, Aug 5, 2013

I am a 28 year old male from the bay area, ca. Randomly over the past year, i have developed over 200 new moles (mostly in sun exposed face, head, neck & forearms. The moles range from tiny pin hole sized spots on my face to larger 1inch sized moles (some are under the skin, some are outside of the skin).

I went to the doctor earlier in the year to have one mole on my face checked out (it was a little larger & seemed to have a purplish tint to it). The mole looked like all of the other ones but did have a little purple tint (was mostly blackish color otherwise). The biopsy turned out to be positive for Basal Cell Carcinoma which i have since had removed via the MOHS surgery.

After getting it removed, I have continued to notice new moles forming & have been EXTREMELY protective about not being in the sun & wearing good quality sun screen. Still, I seem to get these new moles & sun spots on my face. I have also noticed that my wife is getting very similar sun spots/moles on her face as well (and she is MUCH darker in skin complection.). Nobody in my family or her family has a history of skin cancers (nor do they have many moles).

This is incredibly concerning for me & my wife as I don’t know what is going on. I’ve seen 3-4 different dermatologists whom have all pretty much said the same thing (avoid the sun, wear GREAT sun screen, monitor all moles, & have checkups every 6 months).

I am writing on here to see if anyone else has experienced something similar & wondering if there is anything i can try to reverse this pattern of new moles & freckles/sun spots on my face.

Is it possible that I or my wife have contracted something that causes moles? Maybe something that doesn’t have a ton of research done on it?

I’m hoping to hear from people who’ve experienced something similar or whom have heard of solutions to this….understand WHY this is going on is almost as important as solving the problem. My wife had ZERO moles until the past year or so & now is getting the same sort of facial moles as myself (at 27 years of age).

Thanks for everyone & anyones help!!!



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Posted by @nomanmedico, Aug 6, 2013

hi there so sorry to hear your situation ,
but it is very strange that both of you are getting moles at same time
it may be coincidence or it is happening becoz you both were exposed to some
radiations UV or any other substance that is carcinogenic, it might be some liquid.
its rare that a couple has at the same time,
try remembering

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