mixed connective tissue disease

Posted by charbaby @charbaby, Aug 26, 2011

I have been diagnosed in the last 6 mo. first the labs came back lupus, speckled. No typical butterfly rash on face. The rash was on my chest where I was briefly exposed to sun. I am olive skinned never even had a bad sunburn! They did steroids and that didn’t help. Referred to a derm who did a biopsy of the area involved that came back dermatomyositis, scleraderma. Now the chest rash is gone and I have both arms covered in a raised rash, tissue is broken down on the right arm. Infection set in and I can’t describe the miserable itch. Anyone out there that has anything like this nightmare! I am on methotrexate.

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First of all, thanks for being my friend and for praying for me. I will pray for you also. Prayer is what has gotten me through this experience thus far. To answer your questions: I am 51 years old. My diagnosis was based upon lab work for (ANA, Compliment tests). I have insurance through the hospital where I work (we are self-insured and I have a 2,000 deductible).I am 2 hours away from both the University of Louisville and Vanderbilt University. I had a biopsy of a hive and the surgeon did not order the right tests on my biopsy, so my initial biospy was inconclusive. I have no Rheumatologist or Dermatologist.The Theumatologist denied my case. I am still struggling to find someone who can help me or even cares to help me. My primary physician is young and new to practice. I have an appointment with him next week to dicsuss where to go from here. I am just struggling as to what direction to take. I am a Registered Nurse with a Doctor of Nursing Practice degree. I believe that my healthcare providers think that I am supposed to know what to do. I do not have a clue about this,as my degree focuses on advanced nursing care, research and education.

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Sorry your having to deal with all this
I seen several drs they all have a different diagnosis
Scleroderma and crest
One yes raynauds one no
They just keep adding to my list
I’m going to keep on trying

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