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Minnesota mood disorders treatment

Posted by @ann40, Jun 7, 2013

Has anyone attended the mood disorders inpatient treatment program in Minnesota? If so what were the pros/cons. I am bipolar and am looking for some help. Thanks



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Posted by @ali17, Feb 17, 2014

Yes, I was admitted to the in-patient Mood Disorder unit in Rochester. It was the best thing that could have happened to me. My local doctor was not listening to me and just kept upping my meds. Mayo discovered toxic levels of Lamictal in my system, and put me on a 9 month regiment to wean me from high dosage of Klonopin. They provided primarily CBT, but also fun classes for positive outlets (yoga, wood burning), and some free time to share with other patients. Also had info for family members. I was diagnosed with bipolar and anxiety disorder. They sent us home with books for reference, an exit plan, and a 24-hr phone number. I kept in touch with several other patients as it was such a strong sharing and bonding time. My experience was excellent – life changing.

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