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Mild-Moderate Concussions led to Chiari 1 diagnosis...

Posted by @mmj, Nov 17, 2011

Son, 16 has had 5 concussions in last 23 months:
1. 12/08 fall on ice, unconscious, vomiting…worst one.
2. 09/09 football, mild – School provides ImPact Test by A.T., CT scan ran as precaution, by ER. Cleared to play football. (*scan missed Chiari)
3. 08/10 preseason football practice, w/ $$$ helmet. (mildish, ImPact Test performed by Neurologist. Eventually cleared to play football, in a couple weeks)
4. 09/10 early season football concussion…symptoms, emotional & vomiting, during game. Still wanted to play. ImPact Test, Neurologist ordered MRI. Diagnosed Chiari Type 1 – 10 cm.
* Saw Neuro Surgeon, sons records taken to Neurologist Convention. Voted on whether or not to allow contact sports. Not unnanamous, but majority said no. We / parents errored on the side of caution. No contact sports.

Surgery wasn’t suggested, not needed… Could effect motor skills & reflexes, Dr. told us.
Son, devastated that he couldn’t play football. Still struggles with that decision. Medal winner,,numerous time at NFL Camp…

Turned entire focus on Baseball. Doing very well with it.

Asymptomatic for most part. Occassional headache & having trouble focussing in classroom, particularly with QUIZES & TESTS.
Doesn’t want labeled. Hates to talk about it… at all!!!

Any help with focussing?
Any idea whether, after all his hard work & lessons, ranking in Top 10 @ Baseball showcases, if he will even get to play College baseball?


Concerned Mom


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