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mild bilateral cerebral atrophy & seizure

Posted by @muin in Epilepsy & Seizures, Sep 10, 2011

my son who is 1year 1 month old. after a short time seizure (1-2 min) in fever his CT scan result was-mild bilateral cerebral atrophy with extra ventricular CSF spaces and EEG (done on 06.09.20110result was-seizure. he is now under treatment of a prominent neurologist. now i want to what is his condition? is that curable? is that serious?


Posted by @elizabethrice, Sep 28, 2011

Hi muin - I think you should talk to your son's neurologist about his diagnosis, as we cannot provide diagnoses or medical advice on this forum. If you'd like to request an appointment for a second opinion at Mayo Clinic, click on the "Request an Appointment" button at the top of this page. Thanks.

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