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Posted by @minpainghtet in Healthy Living, Sep 4, 2012

My grandma suffered from migraine 25 years ago. She suffered along time but not completely recover. Please give me advise.

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Posted by Anonymous-b4d6c12f, Sep 4, 2012

I have had migraines since about age 5 without a diagnosis until I was in my late 20's or 30's. First, have you seen a doctor? There are lots of good medications to treat migranes. Also, there are many which have been successful in preventing migranes. (Not for me, but for many others) If you don't drink coffee or other caffeine containing beverages, try a strong cup of coffee. But be prepared for the sleeplessness it will bring on, and it may not work. It did for me at first, but over time it quit working, and I have been using Imitrex successfully for many years. Good luck, and see a doctor first please.


Posted by @bettyann, Sep 8, 2012

Has your grandmother been seeing a doctor? There are medications available that DO help...and like the other poster said...strong coffee DOES actually work for some people!
Also, I am wondering if Acupuncture is available where you live. That seems to have helped some people overcome migraines.
I wish you and your grandma the best.

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