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Migrane with Aura

Posted by @deanothfc, Jan 24, 2012

I am a 49 year old man and something pretty scary happened to me the other day. I have only ever has a Migrane Aura once in my life but did not get the headache. I started getting lines flashing across my eyes, i got confused and could not get any words out, i could not read any words and started getting pins and needles in my left arm. I went to hospital and got a CT scan and other tests all which checked out ok. While i was in my hospital bed i went temporaryily blind which scared me a lot, this lasted almost 24 hours and it was not until the morning that i regained my vision although it was blurry for several hours afterwards. I am told this is a migrane a pretty severe one by all accounts. I was discharged from hospital but as soon as i got home i got the visual disturbances again but this time with the most splitting headache i have ever had in my life. I went back to ER and they admitted me again and gave me morphine which did not get rid of the headache. Overnight i has a lot of drips with medication in which finally got rid of my headache.What i need to know is if anyone else has had these symptoms and can you get rid of them with medication. I dont think i am the only one with this and hope someone has any ideas.


Alex Simon

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Posted by @alexsimon, Feb 3, 2012

Hello deano -
I do suffer from migraines as well and have had some similar migraine attacks. My physicians have put me on a daily medication to try and prevent them from happening but i also have some other medications that i take when a can tell a migraine is happening/going to happen. These usually help to relieve most of the pain. Unfortuantely this is just something i have to deal with. I hope you have had a chance to talk with your primary care provider about some other preventative options.

On another note – i do work for Mayo Clinic so I feel i should disclose that.

By clicking the “request an appointment” link on the upper right hand corner of your screen you can begin the process to be sceen at Mayo Clinic. Here is some other information available about migraines:


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Posted by @stardisc, Feb 6, 2012

My long time horrific migraines turned out to be an allergy to tobacco showed up up to 10 hrs after exposure. I avoid smoke and second hand smoke like the plague. No more migraines or auras.

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