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Posted by @lindaberry in Just Want to Talk, Jul 7, 2011

my 38 year old daughter started having migraines when she was age 8 . we had all test preformed .in her 20's she found a nose spray prescribed by her doctor bad idea helped pain but caused addiction . she has been clean for 13 years .topamax prevents so many headaches ,but she keeps having to increase dosage .Dr. Jones has a migraine solution book ,has anyone read this and did it help ?

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Posted by @bkjbellayahoocom, Jul 10, 2011

I have not read this book but will look into getting it. My next treatment is botox..I have heard good things about it and is covered by most insurnance. Topomax not so good for me. I am on a very good medication plan right now that is controlling next step is Diamond Clinic in Chicago..they are supposed to have a great inpatient program to learn how to deal with migraines in your daily life.


Posted by @kshephard, Jul 16, 2011

Hi there...I'm now 39 but have suffered migraines since 5th/6th grade. After ALOT of headaches, my headaches were "triggered" in some degree by hormones - so when I took the pill and whatnot, they increased dramatically - when I stopped the pill, my headaches were still there - there was alot of trial and error and alot of pain along this journey...good grief! I used (for years and still have a couple on hand for emergencies) Maxalt 10 mg - dissolve-able tablets (they worked in a fraction of the time). I took a chance a few years ago and went to an acupuncturist - after a few (less than 5) visits, I'm sitting here headache free for 2 - 2 1/2 years. I get slight headaches that excedrin will take care of and still have my emergency maxalt in the event one creeps up- but have not had a migraine in years. Some insurance companies will pay for acupuncture. Worth a try - best advice go into acupuncture with an open mind and a good acupuncturist can relieve the pain of a headache while you have a's amazing to say the least 🙂 Hope this will help.


Posted by @ambermartin, Jul 16, 2011

I used to have migraines. I also used to have this spongy mass under my skin on the back of my head. Doctors everywhere told me it was normal. I didn't believe them and found a plastic surgeon who agreed with me. She removed the mass and it turned out to be a non cancerous tumor of one of the nerves. Once she removed the tumor my "migraines" stopped.

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