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Migraines..seeking MAYO GOOD FOR MIGRAINES?????

Posted by @jks0924 in Brain & Nervous System, Jul 5, 2012

Hi, this is my first time here, so I appreciate any input you guys might have. I have suffered from migraines since my teenage years. I am now 52. They are still here! I also happen to have multiple sclerosis, but it is not the type that really interferes with my life...I just have lesions on my brain, some dizziness and weakness and some memory issues that I may have anyway! But the migraines..they are truly horrible. I have them on more days than I don't. My neurologist has put me through 2 rounds of Botox injections, but we saw no improvement at all, so we discontinued. I am truly at my wits' end and saw that Mayo treats migraines. If anyone has an experience they could share, that would be much appreciated. I take 100 mg of topiramate daily as a preventative, take maxalt when they hit. If that doesn't work, I have Demerol tablets to take. If that doesn't work, I have stadol nasal spray, these meds are used along with zofran or phenergan for nausea. I feel like I take washy too much medicine, but the headaches just keep on coming. They aren't rebound headaches...I'm careful to space medicine out. I have tried acupuncture also... I think at my age there really isn't much I haven't tried. I will be anxious to see if anyone has any experiences to share. Thanks, - J

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Posted by @jeffishere, Jul 5, 2012

Dear JKS,
I have no experience with Mayo for migraines, although I'm sure they are very good if you want the traditional treatment where the doc prescribes various drugs in the hope that one of them might help. I have been to neurologists and had MRIs and taken various meds since I was 15. Now I'm 54 and have reduced my migraine attacks by having no caffeine, no chocolate, and almost no sugar. And no meds, which only cause a rebound effect. This after I read the book "Heal Your Headache" which can be found on Critical for me is a good night's sleep. I also meditate, eat lots of greens and fruits, and exercise.
I believe diet and lifestyle changes work best, which you can do yourself! I do realize some migraines are so debilitating that meds might be needed. But these meds have side-effects that are almost as bad as the migraine!
Tai Chi is very good, as is Hatha Yoga. I try to eat a mostly plant-based diet. Try 4 or 5 of these suggestions for 6 months. Just doing one or 2 may not have an effect, but if you can for several, everyday, for several months, see what happens! What have you got to lose!
(I'm also looking to try Laughter Yoga.)
I offer you my deepest compassion from one migraine sufferer to another. I apologize for getting off topic, but I too was at wit's end and realized a pharmacological approach wasn't working! I only have a sincere desire to help.
Take care,


Posted by @jks0924, Jul 5, 2012

Jeff, thank you so much for your ideas. I appreciate anything at this point in time. I have a difficult time getting a good night's sleep, so that could be part of the problem. I am currently trying to change my diet and cut out sugar, so that's quite a coincidence that you mentioned it! My husband is diabetic, but he is the culprit when it comes to bringing sugar into the house! I have neck/shoulder problems that resulted from a car accident in 2002..had two neck fusion surgeries and I think this contributes somewhat. I'm still weighing my options, but I will certainly take your advice and try the easy stuff first! Thanks for caring enough to write. Have a blessed day, - Judi


Posted by @roxie43, Jul 10, 2012

OMG 2 days with a migraine that Imitrex and Soma barely touched! Just now feeling a little better..


Posted by @mybeau12, Aug 12, 2012

You might have a tumor, ever thought about that? Have you had an MRI?


Posted by @anon61340660, Aug 27, 2012

I am so sorry! & Totally sympathize with U! I have been getting migraines it seems like Forever!
They are Totally Debilitating!! Any Advice or Sug is appr! Hugs

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