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Posted by @mallen10 in Mental Health, Feb 14, 2012

looking for help with my grown daughter migraines

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Posted by @mainelady, Feb 14, 2012

Hi mallen10! I take Propanylol (sp.) and Nortripolyene (sp) daily to control my migraines and Naproxen when I do get one which hasn't been for several months now. Does your daughter get them on a regular basis? I received whiplash on a roller coaster ride several years ago that I believe contributed to them and tinnitus in my left ear. I would suggest a MRI of the brain and neck. My neck has discs that are pinching the nerves that also affect my left shoulder blade. All the best in supporting her. My mom is a true blessing when the migraines are too much for me to take care of my children/myself. God bless.


Posted by @mallen10, Feb 15, 2012

Thank you mainlady for your quick reply. My daughter is 27 no children. She has really bad eating habits. she has had migraines off and on for years. This go around is causing her to miss a couple days of work a month. She is under a lot of stress, she also suffers from depression and borderline personality disorder. So you can see why im so concerned, she is in a terrbile cycle of not eating all day, sleeping too much, no exercise. Yes she did recently begin the propanylol 20 mg. she says it is making her more tired than usual. She was in a car accident about 6 months ago, she is going to see a neuroligist soon. so maybe an MRI would show if anything happened in the car accident. As a Mom I just wish I could fix her. She is very stubborn and hard to deal with, I have to be very careful of what I say to her so she won't get angry. This feels strange telling a complete stranger my problems. However it has been helpful. God Bless


Posted by @loveaterrier, Feb 15, 2012

Hang in there- you are obviously a very good mom for being so involved and trying to find help for her. Sounds like your daughter is pretty stressed and is heading down a rough road- moral support it the best you can do. And I think that by you talking with others, that will help you to let it out and then better deal with her when you need to be there for her... Migraines are a horrible thing to have and when you are stressed out- they only seem to get worse. Hopefully she can find some answers- but an MRI is always the best tool for ruling out any underlying conditions. I had horrible migraines until they found that I had a pituitary tumor. Have since had surgery to have it removed and now have a family and life is ok... There is hope for your daughter and an end in sight. Just hang in there- she needs her mom just to lean on right now. Kudos to you though for going the extra mile for her. It's nice to have someone to help carry us when we don't always have the strength to walk.


Posted by @littlepixie, Feb 14, 2012

Hi, I also suffer from migraines, although mine have been under control for a few years now. I have been seeing a neurologist on a regular basis and he has been wonderful. I am taking Topamax on a regular basis to prevent the migraines and zomig nasal spray at the onset of a migraine to help get rid of one when I get one. I have not had to use the zomig at all in years. Ibuprofen has been enough to get rid of any headache that occurs. I was on 300mg of Topamax at one time, but am now down to 50mg a day. I barely get migraines at all anymore. I wish you and your daughter the best and hope you can find the best treatment, too.


Posted by @roni4, Feb 23, 2012

MRI would be best I've suffered migraines my whole life I'm 20 now and doctors accidentally discovered I had chiari malformation. I will be having surgery at mayo in mn in a couple months


Posted by @drashok, Feb 16, 2012

Have you tried antidepressants?

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