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Posted by @mscannell9 in Healthy Living, Mar 4, 2013

I get really bad migraines and in the past I took Topimax it worked for a little while then stopped. I'm looking for the free clinic near Mayo so that I can be seen and put on some other medication, I can't take the pain anymore any suggestions or know the whereabouts of said clinic anything would help at this point. Thank you, Mary S.

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Posted by @skypilot, Mar 10, 2013

My wife has had that for 40 yrs, she takes SUMITRIPTIN, It was developed at the Univ of Davis CA. she was in the trials and continues to take it. What it does is put the Platelets back together on the Red blood cells as they expand for many reasons( even smells get to her) and the vessels in the head are small so it hurts, It corrects that and in aboiut 2 hrs she can get up again, If she doesn't get it in time she is sick for 3 days of vomiting, etc. she also uses Phenagren for the vomiting, even sometimes suppositors when it gets real bad. So try it even my daughter uses it and it works.

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