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Donna Berktold

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Posted by @dberktold, Jul 5, 2011

As a 35+ year migraine sufferer, I’m looking to see what others have found works & doesn’t work for both migraine prevention and treatment.


Randy Schwarz

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Posted by @randyschwarz, Jul 6, 2011

Please see the link below for more information on migraines:


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Posted by @mla23, Jul 6, 2011

I have taken Botox injections at Mayo for about three months now. The injections helped me. I have not had a full-blown migraine for three months. I still get a few of the smaller manageable “daily” migraines. This is a wonderful treatment and it has really helped me. It has been approved by the FDA and was covered by my insurance.

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Posted by @bkjbellayahoocom, Jul 10, 2011

I am so glad that you posted this. I am also a migraine sufferer…22 yrs. The last 3 years thay have been daily. I also have undifferentiated connective tissue disease. My next step is botox and I am glad to hear it worked for you. I just got out of the hospital for mgraines and my new regiment is finally working. It is requip, verapamil, kepra, magnesium, coenzyme Q 10. I also can manage them now:) Excited to add the botox for an even better result…does it hurt?


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Posted by @lime44, Jul 15, 2011

I had debilitating migraines for years, decades actually. The usual drug regimens, dietary changes, and such helped some, but I still lost a two to four days a month to migraines. That was as good as it got for quite a while.

Now I haven’t had a bad migraine in almost seven years, and have mild symptoms only a few days a year.

The answer, at least for me, was acupuncture. I found a very good acupuncturist, and within two or three months of weekly treatments I was pretty much migraine free. No side effects, no major lifestyle changes, just complete relief.

I still follow my diet, and get occasional acupuncture treatment as tune-ups, but that’s it. And no migraines for over seven years.

I know this is outside the bounds of what most MDs will recommend, but all I can say is that it works for me. I have heard similar stories from many other folks, which is how I decided to try it in the first place.

Hope this helps someone else escape the misery of migraines.

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Posted by @a4orion, Jul 15, 2011

Yes, I completely agree with acupuncture helping migraines. It worked for me too. Other things that helped me are using black seed cumin oil and rubbing it on my forehead, temples and at the back of the neck. It stops the throbbing within seconds and magnesium supplements helped quite a bit too by reducing the number of headachesI had each month.

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Donna Berktold

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Posted by @dberktold, Jul 19, 2011

I have been receiving Botox injections for my migraines for 7 years. The injections have been a lifesaver. However, the injections don’t kick in immediately and wear off prior to my next set of injections so I end up with almost 1 month out of 3 with daily migraines. I am scheduled to try accupuncture next month. After reading what has been posted about the success of accupuncture with migraines, I am very excited to give it a try!


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Posted by @hippieartist, Jul 22, 2011

I need help! I have suffered from ocular migraines since I was about 5 years old, with the wierd vision, numbness over half my body (draw a line done the middle), and slurred speech. I am 62 years young. For the past 10 to 15 years or so, the headaches had diminished to about once or twice per year (used to be at least 4 to 5 times per year). I had a really bad one a week ago, it lasted about 4 days. Now today, I had one that was different from all the rest. Enough so, that I went to the emergency room in Hutchinson because some of the symptoms were not migraine-like. They did a CT Scan of my brain and found nothing unusual. Tonight at home, after sleeping for a few hours, I woke up with one of the wierd symptoms that I experienced earlier today. My eyes were not working together as normal, one eye was crossing uncontrollably, not sure which one. When I try to shift both eyes to look right, they cross, when I look left, they don’t. Looking straight ahead, I can still tell now after about an hour that they are still not norma, although better than when I first wok up. With past migraines, I always had the aura, then the wierd vision, but my vision always came back to normal after a few hours. This cross-eyed thing is a new symptom, and has lasted for about 8 hours now. The other symptom today was not having control over my movements….My hands started pounding on the table in a strange way, and pattern, lasing less than a minute, then I started laughing uncontrollably. What the heck is going on?


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Posted by @lolokimo, Jul 26, 2011

I suffered from what the doctors dianosed me as “cluster migrains’ for over 6 years….and had to find out what was causing them myself. I was on high levels of opiate pain killers, and becamedependent also. Ibeat that also on my own. Suffering i know well. The headaches were caused by sinuse infection, cured by 3 months of 400 mg, of erithromiacin, X 3 day. {if you headaches are onesided, and start with nasal clog, look into it] The opites were beat by using Andrgel, and only 2 weeks of suboxone. I am FREE at last, and now well educated in many areas of medicine, out of nesesesity. So, I quess im an unliciened ‘Practicing’ doctor……………..I have since lead many to helping themselves

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