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Migraine, anemia, acid reflux -celiac??

Posted by @kwark in Digestive Health, Mar 12, 2013


I'm hoping for some advice, as I'm getting tired of making suggestions to my doctor based on my internet readings and receiving a "that's unlikely" without getting any other possible explanation from her, as she prescribes yet another medication for another "unrelated" issue.

Many small health nuisances from my past have recently returned, altogether, which makes them less small than they all were on their own. These include:

-Daily headaches
-bi-weekly migraines
-acid reflux (Nexium helps, but the no-name version doesn't)
-jaw clenching (this started when I was on anti-depressants, but have been off for several years now, and it just returned)
-and recently, my hair was falling out, and had a blood test to confirm I am anemic, with low ferritin and hemoglobin levels.

All of these have been issues in the past, just not all at once.

Other possibly related issues include:

-Asthma-like symptoms (was tested for asthma, but don't have it -something else is making me wheezy and sometimes unable to breathe at all when I am exercising)
-arthritis (I've had it in my left thumb since childhood, and a coupls of times it has seemed to "flare up" in my ankles)
-rare, small patches of what appears to be exema (tiny bumps, itchy like mad)
-past issues with chronic major depression and panic/anxiety.

I have considered the possibility that this is all stress-related, but have had no major stressors in the past year. My last panic attack was several years ago and probably due to still earlier stressors, including withdrawl from Effexor.

Two weeks ago, in a bid to overcome a dieting plateau (I am within a healthy BMI, but not at my still healthy goal weight), I cut added sugar out of my diet for a week, and my reflux symptoms decreased drastically. All other symptoms remained. I am now trying to limit sugar intake on an ongoing basis.

Most symptoms I currently have returned pre-dieting (actually, they insipred the diet), so that's not the cause.

I'm trying to figure out if these symptoms might possibly be related, and possibly dealt with primarily through diet. I thought perhaps Celiac, for which I am getting tested (but is "unlikely" so we'll see).

Anyway other thoughts out there (provided you've made it this far in my novel)?

Thanks for reading 🙂

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