mid chest discomfort - all day

Posted by ironman337 @ironman337, Sun, Nov 10 5:14pm

HI been dx with stomach gastritis and esphogitis 6 months ago. take one pill every morning to reduce stomach acid. have mid chest dull discomfort all day long going on for months and months. had a stress test 6 months ago was normal. what can i take or do to help with this on going discomfort? i assume on going dull chest ache is not my heart and something to do with GERD. no other symptoms other than the dull discomfort mid chest behind breastbone. help what can i try…

Could it be gas? I know this sounds silly, but I have GERD and sometimes have gas pain in my upper chest area. At first, I though it was reflux, but then realized it was in the wrong place–more on the sides of the esophagus. I have taken a generic gas-X type medication which seems to help. What are you taking for GERD? Are you following a diet to prevent symptoms? I take Dexilant in the morning and also take a generic form of Pepcid at bedtime. So far so good but these PPI meds tend to stop working after awhile.


HI take you for the reply. I take nexium once a day in the morning. also have changed some bad habits that may have been causing the gastritis… I have not tried the gas-x medication but that is a good idea…. Also may add a bedtime medication to help. Thanks for your insight..

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