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Posted by @brentb in Brain & Nervous System, Aug 19, 2012

Our daughter was recently diagnosed with microcephaly. Im looking for anyone who has either clinical experience or personal experience with microcephaly that can give me advice or share experiences we can use to better manage our approach. She is 8 months old and smiles constantly, she is 13 lb. and is pretty active but cannot sit up and is really jerky in her movements. We have been researching and want to try everything we can to promote stimulation and have scheduled a trip to phoenix for movement therapy to help her sit up and develop more coordination. I want to be as proactive as possible but also want to be realistic and would very much appreciate any experiences anyone can share.


Posted by @alexsimon, Aug 29, 2012

Dear Brentb -
It sounds like you have done your research and are taking the correct steps for your daughter.
Mayo Clinic does have some information availble her if you havent seen it yet,


Posted by @brentb, Sep 2, 2012


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