Micobacterium Chelonae: Anyone have experience with this?

Posted by thielmann1 @thielmann1, Aug 25 7:05pm

This bacteria just showed up in my latest sputum sample from NJH. I have no information so far on this. Does anyone have any experience with this bacteria? Thanks for any info.

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Good evening @thielmann1
I had this show up in one culture, one time. Because they were processing 2 cultures at the same time, and we had never seen it before, my docs called it a "chimera" – probably the result of contamination. It was never treated.
Here is what the latest published material says: https://emedicine.medscape.com/article/222790-overview
The last sentence says there is no consensus on whether it needs to be treated or how at this point. So I think you need to wait for a reply fron NJH.
Are you currently on antibiotics for MAC?

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