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MIA Apology from LizKat

Posted by @lizkat in Mental Health, Jul 12, 2012

Hi Everyone
I am so sorry I disappeared for a month. ACK! too many reasons why, lost my internet, family had strep throat and other junk.

How is everyone?

Tags: mental health

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Posted by @piglit, Jul 12, 2012

so great to hear from you x0


Posted by @rubysusie, Jul 13, 2012

Hi lizkat so happy to have u back sometimes we all need a break from life's craziness. I hope it all pulls together for u real soon. Anyway we are glad u are back and no exclamations are needed here. Jodi ruby


Posted by @piglit, Jul 13, 2012

Hi Jodi/ruby would like to get you back on my friends list if that's okay but it's not coming up for me to send you a friend request Take care Piglit


Posted by @piglit, Jul 13, 2012

just worked it out Jodi x0

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Posted by @china, Jul 14, 2012

i was wondering. welcome back

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