Methamphetamine just for 3 months and stopped

Posted by dfnasser77 @dfnasser77, May 28 6:03am

Is it true and the only way to get rid of (Ice or Methamphetamine) by doing detoxification for 15 days in a hospital throughout vein??? Otherwise, The body will never be cleaned??

detoxification Is not available at this country.. or, very expensive

What to do? Advice us… what is the right and faster way to do so?

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I'm not a medical professional but I have never heard such a thing. The body will cleanse itself out if you give it a chance. The hard part is being persistent and not using meth again.


Can we use any medications or herbal things for a faster body cleaning? Can we ask any one of the specialists about this topic in Mayo Clinic??


Side effects of methamphetamine use are the problem: dark circles in the eyes - swelling in the body externally and in the digestive system - turning the body color to white during and even after stopping using meth.


I used meth for much longer than 3 months and have none of those side effects. I will admit the meth I used was different than the stuff cooked up today but still was not considered good for you.

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