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Posted by @runner1945, Apr 22, 2013

I’m a runner and am struggling with metatarsalgia. I initially tried rest, ice, heat, and anti-inflamatory drugs. Next went to orthopedic doctor who diagnosed the problem as metatarsalgia and prescribed physical theraphy. After 6 weeks of physical theraphy and not much help, doctor gave me a shot of cortizone in the joint. It’s been 2 weeks and he said don’t run for 4 weeks. There has always only been a very small amount of pain when walking and that hasn’t changed since the cortizone shot. So, I’m worried about whether the shot is going to really help.; The doctor said it doesn’t work, he could slice the bone and the joint would slip back. He’s performed this on non runners(primarily on women who were overweight or wore shoes too small or one with high heels. He suggested I consult with an orthopedic doctor who has treated a lot of runners with my symptons and condition. So anyone out there who knows such a doc?


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