Metastatic carcinoma

Posted by rabiaaa18 @rabiaaa18, Dec 17, 2018

My aunt is diagnosed with metastatic carcinoma of liver and lungs.. the doctor said that she can live 3 or 4 years and he gave her hormonal tablets to stop the growth of this cancer. Is there any curable treatment in Mayo Clinic 🙁


Right now she’s arranging the amount for her treatment.. till then can you please tell me one thing that if someone have liver cancer then her CA19.9 is not normal at all and also the AFP test ?? her CA19-9 is normal then it’s mean she don’t have cancer yet ?

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@rabiasam, when making a cancer diagnosis or monitoring for recurrence or metastasis, the medical team uses a combination of testing. Tumor markers, such as AFP and CA19-9, cannot be used alone to diagnose cancer. Generally, tumor marker measurements are used in combination with other tests, such as biopsies. Tumor marker levels may be measured before treatment to help doctors plan the appropriate therapy. In some types of cancer, the level of a tumor marker reflects the stage (extent) of the disease and/or the patient’s prognosis (likely outcome or course of disease). You can read more about tumor markers from the National Cancer Institute here:

Your questions about normal levels of tumor markers and what they mean are very good questions to ask your mom's cancer team. What other tests has your mom had, such as CT scans or biopsies?

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