Metastatic bone cancer ER/PR+ HER2-

Posted by friend111 @friend111, May 17 2:12am

Does anyone have experience with treatment options for this diagnosis?
Previous breast cancer, 10 years ago treated with mastectomy, radiation and chemo, recently ended 10 yr treatment with hormone inhibitor. Then rapid onset of osseous and lymphatic metastases within 3 months after ending hormone inhibitor. Development of fluid around heart being treated with Trelegy. Oncology appt tomorrow for treatment options.
Thank you

Bone, left iliac, biopsy: -Positive for metastatic carcinoma, consistent with breast origin -
Estrogen Receptor (ER):
Positive, 81-90%, strong intensity -Progesterone
Receptor (PR): Positive, 1-10%, weak intensity -HER2 by IHC:
Score O -HER2 by FISH: Not indicated -Ki-67: Pending

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I hope someone comes on here to share experience. I also suggest the forum that has threads that are specifically for metastatic cancers.

I am approaching my ten year mark. How did you get diagnosed? Many of us have arthritis and I have spinal fractures so I don't know how we would ever know to ask for evaluation. I have asked oncology twice about hip pain and they refer me to PCP for x-ray.

Did you start with an x-ray?

I apologize. You came on here asking for help and now I am asking you for help! The threads are ONLY for those with metastatic cancers not people like me who are worried!


Hello @friend111 ,
I'm sorry to hear about your diagnosis. Wishing you strength and wonderful outcomes.

I was diagnosed with ER/PR+, HER2 low lobular breast cancer, mets to bones in 2022, de novo.
My first line of treatment was Verzenio (abemaciclib, a CDK4/6 inhibitor) + Anstrozole (Aromatase Inhibitor -AI-). I also take Zometa infusions due to bone mets (it was monthly during the first year and then every 3 months afterwards). And also monthly zoladex shots to shut down ovaries since I was pre-menopausal).
I am being followed up through CT (chest-abdomen-pelvis) scans and bone scans. You and your onco decide the frequency.

Then I had progression in the bones, moved to Kisqali (Another CDK4/6i) + Faslodex ( selective estrogen receptor downregulator (SERD). I had a Foundation liquid biopsy, no actionable mutations.

-They don't act on it but it is good to know if the cancer is lobular or ductal
-Have a liquid biopsy to check for mutations
-Some people I know are followed up by PET scans, I hear they produce better results.


It is a few weeks out now from your oncology appointment. Have you decided on a particular course of treatment at this point? I hope you are getting the answers you need, and holding steady, too.

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