Metastasis from lungs to adrenal glands to bones

Posted by caringson @caringson, Jun 18, 2022

My mother has been just diagnosed with
metastasis from lungs to Adrenal glands to bones (arm, hip, ribs and backbone). She is in her late 60’s and taking daily epitoin 300mg for seizures. I have just received the reports and just cannot break this news to her or my father.
The doctor is yet to give a final direction about the treatment. I have the copy of reports and want to take another doctor’s opinion online. Any suggestions?

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@caringson- Good morning and welcome to Mayo Connect.

I'm a bit confused as to why you have her test results and she doesn't. If this were me I would be furious if I wasn't informed first. I have had lung cancer for a very long time and I would be livid if I couldn't make my own decisions, no matter what the news was. And I am 75 years old.

Are your parents under your care? Is your mom able to make decisions? If so then she needs to know. You really shouldn't go behind her back. I'm not sure if this is even legal. Don't you agree?

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