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Mesenteric Panniculitis NYC help?

Posted by @cartagena13, Wed, Nov 14 1:50pm

hey, Im 24 years old and been suffering with MP for about 5 years now, Getting diagnosed was such a relief because finally I had an answer. I went from hospital to hospital till I found a Dr that took my pain serious enough and was able to see from the CT scan what others had missed. I had a biopsy done and thats how I was diagnosed as A typical. I was treated w all kinds of different meds because they had never had an A typical patient before. I was put on Prednisone finally after 2 years on steroids, it worked I was able to eat and the constant nausea lessened. My family is always worried which makes it difficult because since stress is such a trigger worrying about them being worried causes episodes all the time. My pain comes about very often after I eat or waking up. Cannabis has helped a little but not as much as I wish. In NYC there arent any Drs I have found who have been of help and my old G.I has left and due to state of health insurance the hospital that was treating me is no longer able to treat me. If any one knows of any good G.I Drs in NY do let me know?. I know that the Mayo clinic is far and Im not sure if anyone is from NY but this is the only place Ive found w ppl who have MP and also whos stories I can relate to and can understand what its like having something rare and trying to figure out what works and since its something that people do not have knowledge of they just dont think much of the struggle. Drs and family thought I was making it up people thought I was starving my self for attention, and due to the drug epidemic some hospitals didnt even give me a second look they would give me zantac an IV and ignore me since nothing was visibly wrong. I was starving for months in pain unable to sleep , hiding from my family at 20 bc I didnt want people to see me struggling so much and it messed w so many aspects of my life just bc the Drs were unable to diagnose me. They even once tried to lock me up and convince my parents I was a danger to myself .Ridiculous right?
I still struggle w pain every now and then and for any women is it just me or does that time of the month get more painful since dealing with MP? well idk why Im really writing all this but its just nice to get it out there to people who may read it and if they do just knowing someone will understand. and if anyone has any answers to the 2 questions I asked in this essay I would greatly appreciate it. Hope everyone is feeling good.


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